Have you had the principles and practice of permanent hair removal properly explained?

Fairview Electrolysis is a reputable electrolysis clinic located in Vancouver, BC, and has been in business since 1987. Owner and Certified Professional Electrologist Evelyn Geatros, CPE is a member of the Federation of Canadian Electrolysis Association, and a past auditor of the Private Post Secondary Education Commission (PPSEC).

Fairview Electrolysis uses Instantron Thermolysis machines, considered the Mercedes of technology. We use Ballet one piece disposable filaments. Our clients appreciate that we take the time to choose a needle that matches or exceeds the diameter of the hair to be treated. This will result in the best electrolysis treatment. Knowing which needle size, or type (insulated, Gold, or surgical steel) is something that can come only from experience.

Our clinic also meets and provides the perfect balance between Safety and Efficacy by providing a more responsible solution to disinfection (PREempt CS20) without the use of harmful chemicals such as Aldehydes. Our clinic meets all the health regulations by the Vancouver Coastal Health Department. (Click here to view Inspection report).

Evelyn believes in the importance of taking the time to explain the permanence of hair removal in terms of procedure and discuss your individual end goals. Your well-being is our first concern!

Did you know that Electrologists are not required to be registered or certified
in the Province of British Columbia?

However there are two Associations that uphold our profession with the highest regard in maintaining our ethics and benchmarks.

A word of caution to new clients: When researching for electrolysis treatment, we ask that you take the time to CLICK on the two Electrolysis Association links we have provided below to inform and ensure that you are getting the best in quality treatment. Please be aware of sites using slogans claiming to be “The leading permanent hair removal professionals.” Your well-being is our first concern!

The designations and initials C.P.E. (Certified Professional Electrologist) and C.C.E. (Certified Canadian Electrologist) have been awarded by Consumer and Corporate Affairs Canada, Registrar of Trademarks, as well as Copyright, and can be used and recognized across Canada. The use of the designation and initials C.P.E. and C.C.E. may be awarded in Canada only by the FCEA.

Please check out the following websites to find trained, Certified, and Licensed professional electrologists in your area, who are in good standing with one of these Associations:


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