Have you had the principles and practice of permanent hair removal properly explained?

Fairview Electrolysis Clinic has been in business since 1987.

Owned and operated by Evelyn Geatros, Fairview Electrolysis only hires certified electrologists.

Offering free expert consultations, we look forward to meeting you and answering all of your questions and concerns to your satisfaction. Following are many of the questions we regularly get asked about electrolysis and its procedures.

What areas of the body can electrolysis be used on?

Some of the most common areas include:

• chest
• back
• breasts
• stomach
• upper arms
• underarms
• arms
• fingers
• lower legs
• panty/bikini line
• thighs

• hairline
• eyebrows
• nose
• cheeks
• upper lip
• lower lip
• ears
• chin
• nape of neck
• jawline
• sideburn

What if hair seems to return while I’m being treated?

In the area(s) being treated, all of the hairs to be treated do not grow all at one time. Hair grows in a 12 week cycle, where the hairs growing in will be ones that had not yet appeared in previous treatments. Sometimes several treatments to the same hairs will be required to get them back to the langua (fine) stage. Some people cannot expect to see fast results depending on what they have done to manipulate their hair, for example waxing and tweezing, which can cause the hair to become deeply rooted and coarser than usual, and can sometimes remain dormant in the follicle for up to 3 months.

What can I do about hair growth between appointments?

We do not recommend tweezing or waxing between electrolysis appointments as it only prolongs the technician from retarding the hair growth if the client is taking the matter into their own hands. Cutting and shaving are acceptable between treatments as they only remove hair at the skin’s surface and do not cause any damage to the hair’s actual root.

How do I find a qualified electrologist?

The electrologist will have his/her certificate from an accredited school on display. Come to Fairview Electrolysis Clinic for a free consultation with one of our experienced electrologists and find out what we can do for you

Still have questions?

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